Rob Howell
Phone: (503) 756-4708
Areas of Specialty
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Clackamas Community College - Computer Applications, Portland Community College - Computer Technology, Certificates in non destructive testing, engineering repair analysis, quality control dimensional tolerance, aerospace tungsten inert gas, stick and gas welding, Classes in metallurgy and basic practice as well as X-Ray and zyglo dye peneterants.

Rob brings 20 years of manufacturing experience to MPFA. This includes experience as an Engineering Aerospace Analyst, a Quality Control and Dimensional Tolerance Inspector; welder, machinist, mechanic, body man, expeditor, grinder, janitor, construction worker, courier, delivery driver, machine operator, power equipment mechanic; shipping and receiving clerk; lathe, drill press, CNC and cut-off saw operator; sandblaster, and warehouseman. He also has worked in sales and customer service and provided medical transportation to seniors and disabled persons. His experience as a trainer and supervisor make him a natural teacher and role model for clients.