Susan Potter
Phone: (503) 350-7074
Cell: (503) 702-3898
WCD Certification
# AS-2667
Areas of Specialty
   o Vocational Services
   o EAIP Reimbursement
   o ERTW Services
   o In-house training

Susan received her B.A. in Social Work from the University of Iowa in 1984 and her M.S. in Vocational Rehabilitation from Drake University in 1987.

Susan began her career in vocational rehabilitation with a self-insured employer, United Grocers, where she was a Return-To-Work Specialist from 1987 - 1991. She became a Branch Manager of Vocational and Medical Case Management Services at CorVel Corporation before co-founding MPA in 1995. Susan provides a wide variety of services to private insurers, self-insured employers, and state and federal agencies, including early return to work, vocational eligibility evaluations, plan development, LTD Any-Occ assessments, job analysis, job search skills training, labor market research, and job development. Susan is also an EAIP expert and assists many clients in accessing these benefits and provides on-site reviews. Susan offers training to claims offices on vocational rules and EAIP reimbursement.